The Fine Print: Contract Terms

Bring us your treasures…whether they be your chic, delicately used clothes or pre-loved accessories. Clean out your closet and let your panache live on while you find new compliments for your already stylish wardrobe. Your old is her new beginning!


We have a 60-day consignment period, after which you can retrieve or donate unsold items. The consignor receives 50 percent of the proceeds on all prices.

New consignments are accepted by appointment only. Please call 941-953-4222 to schedule an appointment. Consignments are only taken Monday through Thursday from 11 AM to 1 PM and 2 to 4 PM. There are no Friday or Saturday pickups or consignments.

We accept up to 12 of the following: fashionable, clean and seasonally appropriate women’s clothing items on hangers, gently worn or new shoes, purses, jewelry and accessories. Due to costumer volume, we cannot accept more than 12 items for consignment at a time.

Remember to examine all potential consignments and donations for spots, stains and rips, paying special attention to collars, wristbands, underarms and linings. Please also launder, press or dry clean all apparel.


Donations are gladly accepted during store hours, but please call 941-953-4222 prior to your arrival to ensure a fast and convenient drop off. All proceeds from the sale of donated items benefit the Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County, Inc. A charitable donation letter will be provided at your request. All donations are tax deductible to the limit of the law. Donations must meet the same criteria as consignment items.

Encore & more accepts the following donations: unlimited fashionable women’s clothing items, unlimited shoes, purses, jewelry and accessories. Encore & more also accepts Legacy donations. Please remember us during your spring cleaning, moving or estate managing!

We no longer accept furniture, collectibles, artwork and home accessories. We also don’t accept linens, sheets, swimwear or nightgowns.
We reserve the right to refuse any item.